Export Rule

1.1 Exporting from Business Rules

1.2 Exporting from Rule Settings

In the Rule Settings tab you can do various actions such as exporting your rule to a file. At the top click on the Export button.

1.3 Exporting from Folders structure

Make sure the folder structure is open. Right click on the rule you want to export. In the context menu simply select “Export”.

Choose export format

2.1 Choosing export format of Decision Table:

When exporting the decision table you can choose from three different file formats based on your further actions. For transporting rules to another space you can choose JSON format. If you want to modify your table and for example input more data in it, choose XLSX or CSV format.

2.2 Choosing export format of other Rule types:

Other rule types - Rule Flow, Decision Tree and Scripting rule have a single export option - JSON format. These types should be created and modified in the DecisionRules application.

Once you choose the right format, your export will start automatically. The exported file can be found where your browser stores downloaded files.

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